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Kenneth Shandy

Co-Founder Kenneth Shandy, a former Outside Banker in the Merchant Service Industry, was called to the financial industry when he realized that his mission had changed.   

As a teenage entrepreneur, he made and spent a lot of money resulting in obtaining $20,000 in debt by the time he was 20. He was determined to self-educate on credit and finances.                     

Kenneth is known as "The Credit Coach". His journey to success is comes from dedicating his life to educating people on financial intelligence.

0ffice: (424) 226-2247

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Jorge L Carbonell Sr

Co-Founder Jorge L. Carbonell Sr. is a bi-lingual "Credit Coach.

Jorge Sr. brings over 30 years of experience from a multitude of industries including, Insurance, Real Estate, Legal, Credit, Networking, and Business.

Currently teaching credit seminars, in both English & Spanish, at the Miami Dade community College, Jorge Sr. has a passion for educating consumers on best credit protection techniques.

One of Jorge's favorite expressions is, "The Credit Industry is like playing a baseball game, where every time you step up to bat, there are new rules." Teaching you these rules is what Jorge Sr. finds most important.

0ffice: (424) 226-2247
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Bobby Terry

Credit Coach, Bobby Terry, has a mission to share effective credit solutions with others.

Through personal experience, high quality training and licensing, he helps credit repair clients improve their quality of life and reach their financial goals.

Whether the economic market is good or bad, Bobby looks at good credit as the means to enhance financial circumstances.

As a “Credit Coach” representative he understands bad credit pitfalls and how to overturn them thereby providing attainable credit solutions, knowledge and commitment.

Office: (424) 226-2247

Raz Barna

Raz Barna is a savvy finance and credit expert with over 5 years of experience.  He’s considered a national credit coach who works with people who have had credit challenges and has written many articles on the subject. Raz Barna specializes in the forbidden secrets of credit coaching by helping boost up credit scores for first time homebuyers with less than perfect credit; enabling them to purchase a home with little or no money down. He works hard to not only maximize the best possible credit score for his clients, but also to help educate them about the entire world of credit restoration. Raz Barna is in constant contact with credit collectors, realtors, lenders, private investors and attorneys. This provides him with the ability to assist a customer in making an impact after the initial credit restoration that will be a secure financial investment. In 2010, Raz Barna will be featured on a local radio station in the San Francisco Bay Area discussing how anyone can achieve the American Dream of home ownership through credit restoration.
Office: (424) 226-2247